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Discovery Learning

Namdev Public School is situated at Gurrcchapar road, Gangoh. School is running under Namdev Vikas Avam Shiksha Parsarini Samiti Gangoh.

Discovery Learning

Namdev Public School firmly believes that students should be subjected to the elements of nature, because they should not only experience the vagaries of weather changes but also learn to enjoy every season. Therefore, students are once in a while taught in an open-air classroom that keeps them in natural environs. This also helps them to learn the importance of maintaining ecological balance on this planet.

As a part of social awareness programmes, the students are taken to excursions suburbs where they do social service like participating in adult education programmes, helping the residents in keeping their surroundings clean, organizing voluntary activities like planting trees and so on. The school believes that every individual of the country should be disciplined and be prepared for serving the nation in times of need.

It therefore, encourages its students to join Swachh Bharat Abhiyanand Beti Bachao Beti Padhao movement. To teach the importance of moral values and national integrity, festivals of all religions are celebrated with fervour and gaiety on the campus.