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School Uniform

Namdev Public School is situated at Gurrcchapar road, Gangoh. School is running under Namdev Vikas Avam Shiksha Parsarini Samiti Gangoh.

School Uniform

Uniform is a great source of discipline in itself and should adhered to by all the student. The set pattern md colours should be correctly followed. Al students are expected to wear the School uniform as specified. Parents are expected to ensure that before leaving them for school, their wards are in proper uniform.


Mon to Sat.

Summer - '2 Colour T-Shirts, Denim shorts, Black Sandals

Winter   -  Denim Jeans + T-shirts, Blue Sweats

Nursery to II

Mon. to Friday

Summer - Sky Blue T-Shirts, Black-Blue Shorts/Skirts, Belt Velcro school shoes Blue school socks, White Uniform on SATURDAY

Winter   -  Sky Blue Shirt, Black-Blue Pants/Skirts, Belt Tie Socks + Velcro shoes + Blue Cap + Blue Sweats, for girls - blue legging, White Uniform On SATURDAY

III to X

Mon. to Friday

Summer - Sky Blue Shirt /Kurta + Pants/Skirts. Belt + Tie + Socks + Black shoes, White Uniform on SATURDAY

Winter   -  Sky Blue Shirt /Kurta + Pants/Skirts. Half Sweater + Blazer, Belt + Tie + Socks + Velcro shoes + Blue Cap, girls - Blue legging, White Uniform on SATURDAY

Note: For the colour Of Track - Suit information will be given during classes. Uniform will be provided from School.