There are two more then 50 airy, big, neat and clean rooms in NAMDEV PUBLIC SCHOOL, 

So a regular Budget School today provisions for the following;

  1. Class Rooms – Based on Classes the School is starting with and the Section they are looking to start
  2. Office – Management, Admission, Accounts, Principal, Vice Principal, Coordinator, Counsellor
  3. Big Rooms – Library, Computer Lab, Dance Studio, Music Room, Craft & Art Room, Staff Room
  4. Miscellaneous Rooms – Exam Department, Stores,
  5. Toilets – Boys, Girls, Staff
  6. Assembly Hall / Ground
  7. Play Area – Swings, Slides, Merry go round and other outdoor play equipments
  8. Playground / Courts

I am trying below an approximate Sq Feet one has to build to accommodate all the above except 7 & 8.

Classroom Size: If one has to go through the bye law it says