·         Student should reach in time. Three lates in a month can lead to sending the child back home.

·         Students should come in prescribed school uniform.

·         In case of leave prior application should be submitted.

·         Students should have at least 90% attendance failing which he/she can be debarred from the annual examination.

·         Leaves during exams are not allowed. No change in exam schedule shall be done in any case.

·         Tuition from school teacher is strictly prohibited.

·         Parents should check their ward's diary regularly.

·         Parents should attend the PTM that we organise regularly.

·         Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited in the school campus.

·         Students are not allowed to come on personal bikes or scooters.

·         Guardians can meet the teachers only on Saturdays after the class.

·         Prior appointment is necessary to meet the Principal.

·         Parents' complaints and advice are welcomed. It can be recorded in the school register or may be put in the complaint box mentioning the name and phone number of the parent.

·         Students should bring healthy lunch. Sending lunch during school hours should be avoided.

·         No transport facility will be provided by the school.

·         Guardians' escort card is necessary to take the child. In case the card is lost, new card can be issued after depositing Rs. 100/- in the office.

·         Any amendment in admission form (2A) will be done only after submitting necessary documents and fees.

·         Incomplete forms or late submission can lead to cancellation of admission.

·         Fees will be deposited quarterly in the designated bank only.

First installment at the time of admission.

Second installment till 10th of July.

Third installment till 10th of October.

Fourth installment till 10th of January.

Fees should be deposited in time or else late fees will be charged. School copy of receipt should be submitted in school.


For The Examination Rules

For Class I to XII

·         No students will be allowed to appear for the examination unless all dues are cleared.

·         Students need to fulfill the attendance criteria of 90% attendance for each term in the academic year to sit for exam.

·         No students will be allowed to leave the school exam, except incase of emergency or incase of the student is unwell. Such leave shall be granted only on the discretion of school Principal's approval.

·         No exam will be taken before and after the given exam schedule.

·         If any student fails in two subjects, he or she will not be promoted to the next class.

·         If any student fails in one subject, he or she has to appear for the compartment exam.

·         In case of medical emergency, It will be granted only after the submission of a medical certificate.

·         ML will be granted only in one term and 40% marks will be provided in the particular subject.

          The report card will be issued only of the final term. If any student is not satisfied with his/her marks, he/she can request show

         the answer sheet only after submitting the particular fee per subject.



The school is affiliated to CBSE and follows rules and norms for admission and withdrawal as per the guidelines by CBSE Registration does not guarantee admission. From K.G. onwards every candidate will be required to appear for an admission test, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to bring the candidate to the school for the test on the date & time fixed by the school, failing which no admission test/interview will be conducted again.


·     In case parents want to withdraw their wards, the office must be informed about the same one month in advance. Failure to do so will result in payment of quarterly fees, by concerned parents, before the issues of a Transfer Certificate from the office. Even one day presence in the beginning of the session will lead to payment of quarterly fees.

·      At the end of the session if the parents wish to obtain the transfer certificate of their wards, they should apply to the Principal on the

     prescribed performa of the school.

·      Cases of transfer are excusable if a copy of the Transfer Order is submitted to the Principal.

·      No Transfer Certificate is issued until all dues of the school are paid.

·    T.C. shall be issued on the 7th day after receipt of such a request from the parent or guardian.